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Intensol-Cbd eļļa 500mg, 10 ml


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Produktu apraksts:

Pharmahemp™ CBD eļļas pilieni pieejami 10 ml stikla pudelēs ar pipeti. Produkts satur 5% (500 mg) kanabidiola (CBD). Produkts ir izgatavots no kanabidiola (CBD), kas iegūts rūpniecisko kaņepju (Cannabis sativa L.) CO2 ekstrakcijas rezultātā to pareizā proporcijā atšķaidot ar bāzes eļļu. Papildus kanabidiolam (CBD), CO2 ekstrakcijas procesā tiek saglabāti arī visi pārējie kanabinoīdi, terpēni, flavonoīdi un barības vielas. Mūsu piedāvātie CBD eļļas pilieni ir pārbaudīti un analizēti gan attiecībā uz to kanabinoīdu attiecību, gan mikrobioloģisko atbilstību. Tas nesatur parabēnus vai mākslīgas krāsvielas, smaržas, kā arī nesatur toksīnus un smagos metālus. 

1 ml produkta satur 50 mg kanabidiola (CBD).

Sastāvs: 100% organiska auksti spiesta kaņepju sēklu eļļa, industriālo kaņepju sastāvdaļas ar kanabinoīdiem (Cannabis sativa L.).

Organisko kaņepju materiālu, ko izmanto kanabidiola (CBD) iegūšanai, audzē un kopj bez herbicīdiem un pesticīdiem. Kaņepju augi tiek rūpīgi atlasīti, organiski audzēti un rūpīgi novākti ar rokām Slovēnijas un Horvātijas subalpu reģionā.


Kaņepju sēklu eļļa sastāv no aptuveni 80% neaizstājamo taukskābju, galvenokārt omega 3 un 6. Tie satur arī gamma-linolēnskābi, kas ir saistīta ar vairāku veselības traucējumu novēršanu. Kaņepju sēklas ir labs polinepiesātināto un neaizstājamo taukskābju avots. Viņiem ir apmēram 3: 1 omega-6 un omega-3 attiecība.


INTENSON CBD oil - 10ml 

  • High content of active ingredients: cannabinoids
  • A valuable source of EFAs
  • It supports slimming
  • It has a relaxing and soothing effect

Intenson  CBD

You want to support your body after exhausting training, but it is difficult to find a good quality measure. In that case, you should try CBD Oil from the well-known Intenson brand. Using hemp oil, you will provide your body with relaxation and relaxation necessary for the proper functioning of the whole body. It is worth knowing that CBD is a completely legal and safe agent used by active people.

Hemp oil for athletes

It does not matter what sport you do - whether you go to the gym, do team sports, run or climb, whether you're in combat sports and bodybuilding - every active person needs rest and good regeneration. For this reason, athletes use various types of dietary supplements that support the body. However, it is worth going beyond the known and traditional means and try something new.

Recently, fibrous hemp oil is becoming more and more popular on the market - it is more and more valued due to its beneficial properties. First, it helps to relax, relax muscles, and relieves inflammation that often occurs after training. In addition, hemp oil supports the formation of collagen fibers in the bones and joints. Thanks to them, you can protect yourself from frequent injuries, so you'll be back to training much faster.

CBD oil comes from fibrous hemp, contains naturally occurring phytocannabinoids. It is the highest quality oil, it contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenoids in cannabis, including 500 g of natural CBD. What's more, you will not find a harmful and forbidden substance in the Intenson product: THC. For this reason, the oil is completely safe.

Hemp oil from flowers

Hemp is a species of the cannabis family, occurring mainly in mountainous areas, especially in the areas of the Caucasus and Afghanistan, but is grown in many other places around the world. Cannabis reaches up to one and a half meters in height, although in favorable conditions their height may definitely increase. The flowers are small and delicate, collected at the top of the stem.

Another advantage of cannabis is that it contains a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals, and additionally they are a source of healthy, essential fatty acids, such as omega 3, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Cannabis oil supports and accelerates the metabolism, thanks to which it helps fight the excess of adipose tissue.

When you buy CBD Oil from a solid Intenson brand, you invest in a high quality product that will help you improve endurance during exercise. It can also have a positive effect on your motivation - after all, the better your endurance, the better you get the results - so the more you practice.

CBD oil - Dosage

Cannabis oil has many other advantages - it is very well absorbed, just one drop a day to notice its positive effect. Thanks to a small, but effective dose of oil, it lasts for a very long time, so investment in a small bottle definitely pays off. In the Intenson product you will find a good quality pepitka, thanks to which the dosage of oil is child's play. It is enough to apply one drop under the tongue and after two minutes swallow it.

If you want to achieve better relaxation and relax your muscles after an intense workout, increase your endurance and speed up your metabolism - try CBD Essential Oil. It is a rich source of active ingredients without which the body can not function well. Do not wait, buy now!